Our lovingly restored and converted 1962 London Transport Routemaster Bus makes a great viewing platform and hub for our outdoor event appearances.

With a champagne bar and seating area upstairs and a meeting room and wi-fi facilty downstairs, our bus is a fixture of our stand over the summer months.

This Routemaster bus is one of 2876 units built by Park Royal Vehicles and AEC  companies.

At the time of its launch in the 1950’s, the Routemaster incorporated many innovative features. The body was made from aluminium which was then mounted on sub frames thus replacing the conventional chassis. Power steering, automatic transmission and hydraulic brakes all contributed to a smooth ride for passengers, making it easy to drive and negotiate the busy streets of the city.

Its appearance, comfort and ease of maintenance ensured that it continued in service for some 50 years and remains to this day an iconic symbol of the city of London.
The last service route, number 159 ceased in December 2005. However, the Routemaster still operates on two reduced routes in Central London much to the satisfaction of those of us who remember it with such fondness.

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